Can you help trace Ziggy, missing Brixton moggy?

MISSING: Ziggy is a male short-haired ginger tabby

The owners of a Ziggy, a 4-year-old ginger tabby cat who disappeared from Hayter Road, Brixton, on Wednesday are “frantic” with worry.

Jools Holroyd appealed to Brixton Blog readers to help her track down the missing mog who has never gone missing before.

She said: “I’ve been beside myself and looking everywhere. He has a really loud mioaw, and I’ve been calling him, but so far nothing.

“We’ve had him for four years and he has never done this before. He goes out but never far and he always comes straight back – that’s what’s worrying me so much.”

Ms Holroyd was so worried about her missing pet that she took the day off work today to put up signs in surrounding streets. She added: “I have rung every vet in the area, and now it’s the second day he’s missing I’m getting very frantic.”

Ziggy is a short-haired ginger tabby, with a small amount of white fur under his chin. He was not wearing a collar but is neutered and microchipped.

If you have seen him please call Jools on 07767 783866.




  1. Just to let you know the wayward little scamp came in through the cat flap last night and is safe and well. Thanks for all your efforts!!! He’d actually been missing since Wednesday 22nd but in my distress I got the dates wrong and it’s only as he’s never ever disappeared before in 4 years that we got so terribly anxious. Many, many, many thanks for everyone’s help. We’re still not sure where he got to but likely could’ve inadvertently got locked in someone’s house as was dry when he appeared despite the rain – either that or someone’s conscience saw the flyers and let him out. Thanks again! Huge relief here! Jools

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