Phil Collins comes to Brixton Hill

'A Groovy Kind of Earworm' Brixton Hill

Have you walked past this in Brixton Hill and been stuck with the song in your head for the rest of the day, or week?

Well the Brixton Blog certainly has and we have since been trying to track down the creators to find out what on earth inspired them to write Phil Collins lyrics in massive writing on some street-side boards.

The “earworm” artwork is the product of Brixton art partnership id:iom, Or Hugo Brown and Sholto, and clearly made an impact from day one.

As Brown explained to the Blog: “The Phil Collins earworm came about by passing that blue hoarding all the time and just thinking it was ripe for a bit of street art. Then one day Sholto (the other half of id-iom) read about earworms on the internet and the idea hit him.”

The artwork by the self-titled “gonzo design cowboys” has now featured on a number of different street art blogs, and also on Neatorama. And they’re on the look out for their next street project. Keep your eyes peeled!


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