Lee Jasper resigns as Brixton Splash chair after ‘name and shame’ row

Lee Jasper has resigned as Chairman of Brixton Splash

The Chairperson of Brixton Splash festival, Lee Jasper, has resigned from his position.

Jasper found himself in hot water this week after accusing Brixton businesses of not supporting the community before threatening to “name and shame” any that had refused to donate money to the street festival, which takes place on August 5.

The Blog published Jasper’s comments, and a heated and personal debate ensued on this site and on the thread on Urban 75.

Last night a spokesperson for Brixton Splash said: “The Brixton Splash Board wish to state that the comments made on the blog of Lee Jasper and those iterated elsewhere by Lee Jasper in relation to the Brixton Splash local business engagement were the personal views of Lee Jasper and had not in any way been endorsed by or discussed with the Board.

“Lee Jasper has offered his resignation as chair of Brixton Splash and the Board have accepted with immediate effect.

“We look forward to seeing our community once again celebrating everything we are proud of about Brixton on 5th August.”

When contacted by Brixton Blog today, Splash co-founder Blacker Dread said: “I’ve got nothing to say on the matter. Of course it will be a wonderful party, it always is.

“I am always looking forward to the Splash.”

Business owners had complained to the Brixton Blog that they felt under pressure to give money to the organisation. One, Ali Shan, who owns Choice Beauty in Atlantic Road, spoke out yesterday.



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