Take Two: The Glorious Ones @ Landor Theatre and Billy Liar @ Minet Library

Take One: The Glorious Ones @ Landor Theatre

A little-known theatre exists in the Landor pub on Landor Rd (OK north Claphamites, we know it’s not strictly Brixton) and from tonight they are showing ‘The Glorious Ones’ about a commedia dell’arte group in 17th century Italy. It’s not cheap, mind. Tickets are £18.

The Glorious Ones at Landor Theatre, 70 Landor Rd, 7.30pm 

Take Two: Billy Liar @ Minet Library Film Club

It’s the monthly British New Wave film club at Minet Library tonight. Our favourite. ‘Billy Liar‘, the 1963 film starring Tom Courtenay and Julie Christie, will be showing tonight.

Billy Liar at Minet Library Film Club, 52 Knatchbull Rd, 6.30pm