Take Five: Best Jerk Chicken joints

Photo by Robert M Andrews

If you want gourmet jerk, go to Veranda but this list here is for greasy, sweet, sticky jerk chicken and where to find the best of it in Brixton

1. Negril

This brightly-coloured Jamaican restaurant is by far one of the most popular Caribbean eateries in Brixton. Try the half a jerk chicken with dumplings and an unspeakably yummy gravy. The plantain here is pretty good too – dry and almost potato-like, it is not too sweet (the riper and yellower the plantain is, the sweeter it becomes). More expensive than any of the others on the list, it’s one for a dinnertime treat rather than a quick snack.

Negril, 132 Brixton Hill, 0208 674 8798 (take-away possible)

2. Jeff the Chef

You are allured to Jeff’s Caribbean kiosk the moment you turn into Station Road. Curls of blue smoke circle up from the grill outside Jeff’s tiny van making it almost impossible not to buy a portion of jerk. The taste lives up to the smell. Perfect for a snack or lunch while wandering around the market, this is one of our absolute faves.

Jeff the Chef, Brixton Station Rd

3. Bickles

This is a new addition to the Brixton jerk offering. The name is derived from the patois ‘bickles’, meaning ‘victuals’ or ‘food’. It’s got cute wallpaper and very friendly staff. As well as jerk, they offer the usual roti wraps, saltfish and ackee, and oxtail stew.

Bickles, 423 Coldharbour Lane

4. Black & White Cafe

Caribbean food cafe formerly known as Peggys and refurbished in 2009. Thursdays and Saturdays are ‘Cow Foot’ days, Fridays are fish days, but every day is jerk chicken day.

 Black & White Cafe, 75 Atlantic Rd

5. Ultimate Jerk Centre

With a ‘mini meals’ deal for just £2, this is cheap and solidly good jerk chicken. @seanfw points out that the queue outside doesn’t lie. And he’s right.

Ultimate Jerk Centre, 397 Coldharbour Lane, 0207 738 3701

Robert M Andrews’ Flickr photos, including a set on Brixton market are here


  1. I eat from ultimate jerk all the time and it is the best food I have had in Brixton without a doubt the owner is also very hands on and helps out…
    The food may be cheap but the quality is by far the best, it tastes like a true home cooked meal.

  2. food was off was not good at all now i know why they have £2 meals would not buy from there again

  3. Ultimate jerk has gone down hill brought a curry goat and rice I guess the meat was sour that’s why it was so spicy a trick these business use to hide the taste of gone off stale food now missing work due to food poisoning I would be the ultimate jerk if I ate from their again

  4. I have to concur with Negril. I’ve visited 3 or 4 times in as many months, and the jerk has always been amazing. Generous servings, too.

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