Photos: Best Brixton Views

Some fantastic photos of your favourite Brixton views have been sent to us after our Take 5 Best Brixton Views post yesterday, so we decided to publish them here for all to enjoy

Brixton Windmill, @Brixtontown

“My personal view of Brixton! Could be 60miles out of London for this short part of my journey.”


The view from Blenheim Gardens, @Brixtontown

Brockwell Park on New Year’s Day, Jenny Abeba

“This is Brockwell Park on New Year’s Day when I went for an early morning walk and had it almost to myself!”

View from Effra Court, Tattie_chomper

“This is a bit personal, but this was the view from my old flat in Effra Court”


Brixton Catwalk, SW9Red


Police van, SW9Red

“Police vehicle outside Brixton police station with interesting identification letters”


Ritzy at night, Jenny Abeba


Brixton tube in the early hours of the morning, Nadia Gilani


The Lido at night, The SW Food Blog 


Electric Avenue art, Alexandra Heybourne

“I have a great pic for the Brixton collection…was my twitter backdrop for a while…”