Take Two: Crafty Arty Party and dinner at Negril

Two highlights of what Brixton has on offer each day (one wasn’t enough for us)…

Take One: Crafty Arty Party @ Upstairs at the Ritzy

For all you secret crafters out there, Upstairs bar at The Ritzy is hosting a ‘Crafty Arty Party‘. Today is the ‘Gokko Special’ which means you’ll be able to make prints with a ‘Gokko machine‘, a self-contained Japanese printing system using flashbulbs like the ones found in old cameras. The deal is – you bring some crafty stuff, the Ritzy provide some craft stuff and everyone has a great time.

Crafty Arty Party at The Ritzy, 8pm onwards

Take Two: Dinner at Negril

If scissors, glue and Japanese printing machines sound more like a recipe for disaster to you, then we recommend a something a bit more simple for tonight – a goat curry, plantain and rice ‘n’ peas at Negril, Brixton Hill. The service is slow, but the food is spicy, healthy and very tasty. Perfect for the last week in January.

Negril, 132 Brixton Hill