Not so frothy coffee – Starbucks-style

This is a step too far for me. It looks like Brixton Rd is going to get that dreaded death knell for any high street – a Starbucks… The  website reported in February that Starbucks have signed a lease for 439 Brixton Rd, one of the units by the underground station. According to, the company “is thought to be paying around £110,000 a year for the store which has a 1,300 sq ft ground floor”. On May 16, ‘Caroline 27’ posted on the Urban 75 forum that the lease had been confirmed by @Starbucks. Here is the recent debate on Urban 75

And in the spirit of supporting independent businesses, see below for a mini interview with Lorient Gashi and go here to find out about the new Federation Coffee in the Granville Arcade.


  1. Whilst I think the area round the station would benefit from a few less phone shops and a few more eateries, it seems a shame that it has to come from our corporate overlords and not from someone in the community…

  2. Gawd help us. Why is Starbucks taking over the world? They must be stopped. Here’s to championing independent coffee shops. My local one for those who fancy a jaunt out of Brixton is the new Il Molino’s on Lavender Hill. Higgedly old furniture, stained glass windows and excellent coffee. That’s how it should be. Can also recommend the coffee shop at Battersea Arts Centre.

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