Comedy short premiere for Ritzy

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The New Black Film Collective will tomorrow (24 November) host a comedy event and screening at Brixton’s Ritzy cinema for the premiere of the comedy short Get In Now!

The film is a spinoff of from the successful 2017 thriller-comedy-horror film Get Out.

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As well as the screening, the event will get comedy from performers including Richard Blackwood and Curtis Walker and a Q&A with the Get In Now! director Tuzarae Aroze, writer Kennedy Drysdale, and cast members.

The event starts at 7pm – reserve here

New Black Film Collective

film still
Stills from Get In Now!


  1. Excited for the ‘Get In Now!’ premiere at Ritzy! Great to see such talent in Brixton. Also, a reminder for those needing mobility assistance: wheelchair hire is available, ensuring everyone can enjoy this fantastic event, you can also check this one:

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