Take Two: Windmill mural @ Lyham Rd and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ @ Ritzy cinema

The windmill mural, now restored

Take One: Windmill mural @ Lyham Rd

Check out the finished windmill mural on Lyham Rd which local residents have been restoring since mid-May. It was unveiled yesterday in a rather unusual fashion – they didn’t have a sheet big enough so got a fire engine to park up in front and drive off for the big ‘reveal’ instead. The mural even appeared on BBC London news yesterday.

Windmill mural, Lyham Rd

Take Two: ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ @ Ritzy cinema

Grim weather and the first day back at work after a long, long weekend – today calls for an evening trip to the cinema. ‘Moonrise Kingdom‘ is showing at 7pm and 9.15pm and we really would recommend it. In classic Wes Anderson style, the film is witty, true-to-life and, well, often just plain silly.

Moonrise Kingdom, Ritzy cinema, 7pm and 9.15pm