Urban Art 2023 ‘surpasses all expectations’

open air art show

Last weekend’s Urban Art 2023 surpassed all expectations as a spectacular showcase of artistic talent and community spirit, organiser Tim Sutton  says.

The open-air event in Brixton’s Josephine Avenue brought together photographers, painters, mixed media artists, and print makers, highlighting their unique creations and raising funds to support vital local causes.

Visitors were treated to a diverse range of art forms, from breathtaking photography capturing captivating moments, to intricate paintings that stirred the imagination. The inclusion of mixed media and print makers further enriched the display, offering a dynamic blend of artistic techniques and expressions.

woman artist with images
Artist Courtenay Kusitor

“The two-day art fair not only provided a platform for artists to showcase their work, but also fostered community engagement and support for important local causes,” said Tim Sutton.

“The charitable aspect of the event aimed to make a tangible impact and empower the community to contribute positively to issues close to their hearts.

“As attendees perused the artwork, they were able to meet and interact with the talented artists, gaining insights into their creative processes and inspirations. This direct engagement added depth and appreciation to the exhibited pieces, forging personal connections between the creators and their audience.”

Tim Sutton said the success of Urban Art 2023 could be attributed to the tireless efforts of the organising committee, the dedication of participating artists, the tireless work from charity partner volunteers, and the enthusiastic support of the local community.

people at a table with papers

“Together, they created an enriching environment that celebrated the power of art and united individuals in a common mission.”

As well as providing affordable and credible exhibition space for South London artists, the event raised more than £6,400 for local good causes: Holy Trinity School, Jubilee Primary School, Southside Rehabilitation project and the Anchor Group.

“Urban Art 2023 serves as a reminder of the indomitable spirit of creativity and unity that thrives within our community. Plans for next year’s event are already under way, promising an even greater showcase of artistic talent and a renewed commitment to giving back,” said Tim Sutton.