Brixton 45 bus route changes dropped


Changes to bus routes through Brixton will be modified as a result of London mayor Sadiq Khan identifying additional funding to offset cuts imposed by central government as part of a deal to cover losses caused by Covid.

The move follows a consultation and campaigns against the changes.

Changes to the 45 route between Elephant and New Park Road will be dropped altogether.

However, proposals for the 59 route will go ahead.

It currently runs between Streatham Hill and Euston via Brixton, Kennington and Holborn, biut will now run between Clapham Park and St Paul’s, by-passing Streatham Hill bus garage.

TfL said re-routeing the 59 to terminate at Clapham Park would provide new direct links between Clapham Park and Kennington, Waterloo, and Holborn.

People travelling from Telford Avenue bus garage on Streatham Hill as far as Lambeth North station would need to use a parallel route, such as the 159.

Anyone in Streatham wanting to travel between Lambeth North and Holborn, would need to interchange from a route such as the 133 on to the 59.

To travel north of Holborn, they would need to change again to a route such as the 68.

Khan said: “I was furious on behalf of Londoners that Transport for London (TfL) was having to consider reducing the bus network due to conditions attached by the government to the funding deal.

“The strength of feeling across the capital was clear to me, and I was adamant that I would explore every avenue available to me to save as many buses as possible.

“This will mean tough decisions elsewhere, but I am very pleased that the vast majority of bus routes proposed to be cut due to the government’s funding conditions can now be saved.

TfL has looked carefully at the small amount of routes still affected in order to reduce the impact on passengers as much as possible.”

Changes to night bus routes that word have meant more people having to change and wait for buses in the early hours have also been dropped.