‘My therapy is regular visits to Brixton’

Margie Campbell, who uses the name Martias for her work, is a fully trained holistic therapist and reiki master and shares her skills with many around the Brixton area, writes Simone Richardson

Born and bred in Sheffield with parents of Jamaican heritage, she moved to London and, after living in many places, says: “I was never really settled in until I came to live in Kennington”.

Her career, too, has been a journey with many stopping points.

“I enjoyed cooking at school and when I left I went into catering but realised very quickly it wasn’t for me!” Margie says.

“I kinda stumbled into various different jobs thereafter from childcare to hairdressing. Then I trained to be a holistic therapist. I now know I’ve reached my final destination.” She explains: “l love my work. I enjoy the physical aspect of it, and l enjoy helping people, physically and emotionally, and spiritually. I went into holistic therapy, because l wanted to treat the whole body.”

Margie did not cope well with Covid and lockdown. “l became terribly depressed and the lack of contact and interaction really affected me. From being very sociable to being a recluse was very hard.

“If it wasn’t for my kids, I don’t know what would have become of me. Marcus, 16, and Mattia, nine, kept me going.”

Margie’s regular day now is taking Mattia to and from school, seeing two clients a day – morning and afternoon –using her cooking skills for her children’s meals and relaxing herself through meditation.

Since lockdown, Margie’s own therapy for herself has been regular visits to Brixton.

Her love of it has helped her manage her own inner tranquillity. 

“I love my life again,” she says. “I enjoy the multicultural vibe of Brixton and the sense of community, where I go regularly to the market, and enjoy looking around at different styles and genres of music and cultures.

“I have always been into arts and crafts,and often go to Brixton market, where l love finding interesting objects and prints.

“I like interior design also, mixing the old with the new

“I really feel like I’m back on my feet and just love life.’’

Martias: 07525 080927