Labour retain overwhelming hold on Lambeth council

Brixton’s four new electoral wards returned Labour councillors for all of the seats available as the party strengthened its already overwhelming hold on the council in the election which was counted yesterday (6 May).

There are now 58 Labour, three Liberal Democrat and two Green councillors. The previous balance was 57 Labour. five Green and one Conservative.

Calls to end Lambeth’s “one-party state” appeared to have fallen on deaf ears and the impact of low traffic neighbourhoods seemed less than many expected, with the only party to pledge their removal, the Conservatives, losing their last remaining seat on the council.

However, less than a third – 32% – of people in the borough who are eligible to vote actually did so. Approximate turnout in the four Brixton wards was: Acre Lane 28%; North 25%; Rush Common 30%; Windrush 26%.

The Lib Dems, previously not represented, now have two councillors representing Streatham Hill West and Thornton and one from Clapham Common and Abbeville.

Despite being reduced from five to two seats, the Greens were runners-up in many wards, including all of Brixton’s.

Sitting Green councillor Pete Elliot came close in Gipsy Hill, where he was just 51 votes behind a Labour opponent.

Another close vote in Streatham Hill West and Thornton saw the defeat of long-serving Labour councillor and cabinet member Ed Davie who lost to a Lib Dem rival by 21 votes.

Lib Dems also did well in Waterloo and South Bank, where there were 67 votes between their best performer and the lowest polling elected Labour candidate.

Overall, Labour candidates were backed by 58% of those voting in Lambeth. Despite getting 22% of the vote, the Greens got only two seats, while the Lib Dems, with 11%, got three and the Conservatives, with 12%, got none.

Several non-mainstream parties put up candidates with little success. The best-performing was Women’s Equality Party candidate Janet baker, with 365 votes in the Brixton Acre Lane ward.

In Clapham East, the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition and The Socialist Party of Great Britain got 38 and 32 votes respectively.

See the full results on the Lambeth council website

Brixton Acre Lane

Election CandidatePartyVotes%Outcome
 Maria KayLabour and Co-operative Party181219Elected
 David John BridsonLabour and Co-operative Party175119Elected
 Sarbaz BarznjiLabour and Co-operative Party174718Elected
 Katy Fiona MartinGreen8059Not elected
 William Alden EavesGreen5686Not elected
 Dan RadGreen5105Not elected
 Janet Anne BakerWomen's Equality Party3654Not elected
 Shirley CosgraveConservative3464Not elected
 Abidemi BabalolaConservative3394Not elected
 Heather Mary GlassLiberal Democrats3273Not elected
 Vernon Augustus De MaynardConservative3223Not elected
 Joanna Elizabeth PycroftLiberal Democrats2513Not elected
 Charles Arthur Simon JenkinsLiberal Democrats2342Not elected
 Theo SharieffTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition781Not elected

Brixton North

Election CandidatePartyVotes%Outcome
 Nanda Manley-BrowneLabour and Co-operative Party185522Elected
 James Andrew BryanLabour and Co-operative Party181322Elected
 John-Paul Edwin EnnisLabour and Co-operative Party170921Elected
 Nadine Andrea BrownGreen6958Not elected
 Charlie ButtonGreen5316Not elected
 Neil Anthony SheppeckGreen4696Not elected
 Frederick James ElleryConservative2203Not elected
 Poppy Louise Dorothea Veronica HastedLiberal Democrats2133Not elected
 Katherine Anne SloggettConservative2123Not elected
 Lewis John LeachConservative2032Not elected
 Jing TangLiberal Democrats1972Not elected
 Ian TedderLiberal Democrats1362Not elected

Brixton Rush Common

Brixton Rush Common - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%Outcome
 Marcia Anita CameronLabour207022Elected
 Ben KindLabour190220Elected
 Adrian Lawrence GardenLabour177919Elected
 Zana DeanGreen92810Not elected
 Laura VroomenGreen7698Not elected
 Janell EnglishGreen6547Not elected
 Abbi AlsalmiLiberal Democrats2853Not elected
 Ben AustinLiberal Democrats2783Not elected
 Paul Julian Bernard MedlicottLiberal Democrats2152Not elected
 Lisabeth Jane LiellConservative2122Not elected
 Valerio FiccadentiConservative2102Not elected
 Colin Anthony WatkinsConservative1982Not elected

Brixton Windrush

Election CandidatePartyVotes%Outcome
 Scarlett Blanaid O'HaraLabour and Co-operative Party114332Elected
 Donatus Obilor AnyanwuLabour and Co-operative Party111431Elected
 Becca ThackrayGreen57216Not elected
 Tom WoodGreen38411Not elected
 Alex HaylettLiberal Democrats1123Not elected
 Florence CyrotLiberal Democrats1013Not elected
 Sarah Louise RobertsConservative1003Not elected
 Kelly Rebekah Ben-MaimonConservative943Not elected

Overall results

Party nameSeats won% of votes
 Labour / Labour and Co-operative Party5854
 Liberal Democrats311
 Women's Equality Party0< 1
 Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition0< 1
 The Socialist Party of Great Britain0< 1
 ReformUK - London Deserves Better0< 1

This post was edited on 8 May to take account of turnout figures published by the council