Brockwell Swimmers’ 18-mile relay for charity

people in a small boat
The Brockwell Swimmers team (l-r) John Crozier, Nicola Green, Tim Sutton, Francesca Aquiline and Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Brockwell Swimmers club members will swim from Jersey to France in a five-person relay at the end of June to raise money for local charity Wheels for Wellbeing.

This 18-mile swim is a challenge; not only for the distance, but also because of the perils of open water swimming with possible water temperatures as low as 12°C. 

woman in small boat

Francesca Aquiline, John Crozier, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, Nicola Green, Tim Sutton and reserve Jo Newbald, will swim one hour at a time until one of the team touches French soil.

It is expected that four of the swimmers will swim three times and one will swim twice.

The team has been practising at Brockwell Lido and in the sea off the south coast of England.

swimmer in sea

The latest excursion was to Dover Harbour, where the team hired a boat to get their sea legs and practise the art of changing swimmers during the relay.

This all has to be done under the strictest of Channel swimming rules – if not, the team could be disqualified and the swim cancelled.

four people with disability cycles

Brixton based Wheels for Wellbeing, empowers disabled people to transform their physical and emotional wellbeing through cycling.

It runs five drop-in inclusive cycling sessions each week and has a fleet of more than 200 standard and adapted cycles, so anyone, regardless of age or disability, can experience the joy of cycling.

The charity also campaignis to make cycling more accessible to disabled people across the UK.

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