Cantonese meat for Brixton Village

Brixton Village is set to get another specialist eatery with the planned arrival in March of Chinese meat specialist Three Uncles.

Three Uncles are the childhood friends and chefs Cheong Yew (Uncle Lim), Pui Sing Tsang (Uncle Sidney) and Mo Kwok (Uncle Mo) who specialise in siu mei – Cantonese roasted meat.

The Brixton venture will be their first sit-down restaurant after takeaways in Camden and Liverpool Street.

Their start-up coincided with the beginning of lockdowns and takeaways were the logical option at the time.

Now the three hope to bring a Hong Kong style roast meat emporium to South London.

They plan to serve “’family style” food like typhoon shelter prawns; lotus leaf rice with Chinese sausage, steamed chicken, shiitake mushroom, and chestnuts; and steamed minced pork with preserved vegetables.

The new Three Uncles will have 25 indoor covers and a covered terrace.

“We launched just before the pandemic and, while home delivery allowed us to survive and build a loyal customer base, we want our restaurant to entice people out of their homes, bring them the joy of eating out,” said Pui Sing Tsang.

Roast duck and char siu lai fun noodle soups, a Hong Kong favourite, will also be served.

“Lai Fun is a rice noodle with texture like a thin udon very popular in Hong Kong served in soup, said Cheong Yew.

“We are very proud of our broth. We start with dozens of our roasted duck bones that carry all of the flavour from the herbs and spices of our 48-hour marinade.”


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