Two thirds of Windrush Square lights not working

Street lights not working

Brixton resident David Chambers has complained to Lambeth council and local politicians over the state of lighting in Windrush Square.

He has told them that for many months, and even years, broken lights on the square – directly opposite council headquarters in the town hall – have not been replaced.

His complaint came as the council announced it will get £500,000 funding from a government safer streets initiative.

“They are never repaired,” Chambers told the council “and, as time goes on, more bulbs fail.

“At the moment, of the 37 bulbs installed on the tall lighting poles and mid-height reflectors, 24 are not functioning.

“That’s right: two-thirds of the lighting isn’t working.”

His message says it is striking that, with all the risks facing women out at night, “Lambeth council is so negligent about public safety”.

He asks councillors to “look out of the windows of the town hall at this, the heart of your ward, which lies just across the road.

“You could have done that any time over the past couple of years.

“Is there some insurmountable problem that stops Lambeth carrying out the most basic of tasks, that is keeping the lights on.”

Chambers has filed a report on Fixmysteet, and also contacted local MP Helen hayes and other local media.

A Lambeth council spokesperson said: “We are currently working on replacing the bulbs in Windrush Square, and apologise for the concern this has caused.

“Lambeth council is fully committed to tackling violence against women and girls, having this week released our new six year partnership plan to deal with the issue.

“We have also just secured £500,000 in funding for safer streets projects in Brixton and Clapham that will improve safety and provide better education as we work to make Lambeth a safer borough for everyone.”