‘Teachers and leaders’ – stars back Brixton Wholefoods appeal as it bursts through target

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Brixton Wholefoods’ appeal for help to save the shop – a standout local feature on Atlantic Road for four decades – has shot past its initial £20,000 target in a few days.

Support has come in large and small donations from local people who depend on it for its ethical approach h and range of products.

Details of the appeal

The next target is £30,000.

Local celebrities including Adjoa Andoh and Oscar and BAFTA winner Mark Rylance have weighed in with generous contributions.

Rylance told Brixton Wholefoods: “Since the early eighties I have been able to buy high quality food at Brixton Wholefoods.

“I was able to stop shopping at the large supermarkets which I suspected of not paying their farmers fairly.

“For a long time, few food markets stocked any organic vegetables or produce.

“Because of Brixton Wholefoods, I was able to clean my home with products that weren’t full of toxic ingredients, buy magazines that informed me about food and Nature, find medicines and supplements for my health, and learn of all kinds of skills and crafts in the community from their hand-painted bulletin board windows.

“In fact, I feel my good fortune with health is partly due to Brixton Wholefoods.

Mark Rylance at a recent Extinction Rebellion event in South London
Mark Rylance at an Extinction Rebellion event in Brockwell Park

“Now, many other shops and markets, even some of the supermarkets, stock similar organic produce and cleaning products, but Brixton Wholefoods were amongst the first, if not the first to raise this consciousness and endure as a symbol of Brixton’s community and culture.

“Even recycling plastic bags, I first encountered at Brixton Wholefoods. They have been teachers and leaders in my life.”

“More than that, I have made many friends amongst the incredibly hard-working staff, especially Tony and Hilary who have devoted their lives to bringing the Brixton community a whole range of goods of the highest standard at reasonable prices.

“Covid, the altered traffic regulations and now a robbery have been unexpected challenges for Brixton Wholefoods.

“I am so pleased they have opened this crowd funding site and asked for support as we enter another winter. Brixton would lose a vital friend if we lost them.

“I encourage anyone who values this store and its people to join me and many others who have already donated before me, in supporting them.

“I’m sure any amount will be welcome and lift the spirits. We are many.

“Our individual day to day choices change the world.”