Two arrested in council’s zero-tolerance drive on LTN vandalism

vandalised road sign

Two people have been arrested in Lambeth following extra measures introduced by the council to stop vandalism of signage and planters at low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) schemes.

The council also called on residents to report to it concerns about damage to the five LTNs in the borough.

A man was arrested on Saturday 31 July allegedly spray-painting signs at the Ferndale Road LTN.

A second man was arrested the next day after allegedly stealing a sign from the same scheme which is between Brixton and Clapham.

CCTV evidence has been passed to the police so further action can be taken.

The arrests follow the council announcing in July that new measures would be put in place to tackle criminal vandalism at LTNs.

It said the schemes “are in place to maintain a safe street environment, support green transport options and improve air quality”.

Ongoing anti-vandal measures include extra CCTV, more council patrols and a request for extra police visits.

The council has also written to residents thanking those who have reported the damage and asking that anyone who has a concern about the issue email

Cllr Danny Adilypour, joint cabinet member for sustainable transport, environment and clean air, said: “We are taking a zero-tolerance approach to this vandalism and any associated anti-social behaviour, including verbal abuse of staff maintaining these sites.

vandalised planter
Vandalised planter

“We will press charges against any individual involved in these criminal acts where we have enough evidence and we will publicly name and shame anyone found guilty.

“We have been clear throughout that people are entitled to express their views over our low traffic neighbourhood trials, but there is no excuse for acts of criminal vandalism.

“It puts residents at risk and this is not an effective way to engage with the council or fellow residents, so I am glad that these arrests have been made, and we will continue to monitor the borough’s five low traffic neighbourhoods.”

Lambeth LTNs are all in a trial period under experimental traffic orders to understand how they impact traffic movement.

The council said vandalism to the schemes could extend the trial period and delay planned public consultations.

Updates on the projects and contact with the team running them are available at

An online campaign to raise funds for an appeal against the rejection by the High Court of legal cases against the Lambeth LTNs has so far raised £2,721 towards a target of £14,500.