A glimpse of Brixton in 1981

Detail from rare clip of Brixton life in the 80s to be broadcast as part of Uprising

Tonight (23 July) BBC One airs the final episode of Uprising. It deals in detail with the immediate and long-term reasons for the Uprising in Brixton in 1981.

As we have already said, this is a must-watch series.

Tonight’s final episode looks at events in Brixton from the point of view not only of the Black community, but also of individual police officers caught in the furious reaction to oppression that changed British history.

As well as powerful, moving and harrowing testimony and images of rioting, the episode contains rare clips of everyday life in Brixton 40 years ago.

Rogan Productions have kindly allowed the Blog a brief preview of one of them …

Uprising begins at 9pm.