Heineken buys out Brixton Brewery

Brixton Brewery’sMilkwood Road works

The brewing giant Heineken has bought Brixton Brewery.

It had owned 49% of the company for three years in a deal which enabled the brewery to expand from a rail arch in central Brixton to a purpose built facility on Milkwood Road.

Director Xochitl Benjamin said: “We honestly can’t believe how far we’ve come – from homebrewing to launching a small brewery, to building a highly recognisable community-based brand, with a larger new brewery and taproom.

“It makes us want to dream even bigger for the next seven years.”

She said the deal would mean a “bright future” for the community-based business.

The founders of Brixton Brewery will continue to lead the brewery’s day-to-day operations and strategic and creative direction.

“In other words, we will still be smashing out your favourite beers fresh from South London, brewed by the same bunch of eccentric beer visionaries and inspired by the flavours of Brixton.”

The brewery as launched in a railway arch in 2013 by two couples who met in a Brixton bar.

The four – Jez Galaun, Libby Galaun, Mike Ross and Xochitl Benjamin – built a successful brewery and sustainable local business in the heart of Brixton.

“We started out with one employee and one brewery, making most of our deliveries on foot in and around Brixton Market,” said Xochitl Benjamin.

“In 2017 a minority investment by Heineken meant that we could expand to a purpose-built brewery, remain in Brixton, and create a tap room and experimental brewery in our original railway arch home on Brixton Station Road, where we welcome the public for a taste of our beers, and a look at how we brew.

“Our team now includes 25 talented and dedicated people.

“We are a proud London Living Wage employer and members of the Living Wage Foundation.

large scale brewing equipment
Inside Brixton Brewery

“We love being a positive part of Brixton through numerous partnerships, collaborations, and support for local organisations.

“Our growth and expansion are a source of huge pride to us – we’ve always been ambitious for our team and for our business.”

Xochitl Benjamin said that in three years of working together, the directors had built a strong relationship with Heineken, “who share our commitment to quality and responsibility”.

They had benefited from Heineken’s expertise and market reach and wanted to build on it.

“There’s no denying the fact that the next few years will be challenging for many reasons, so we’re happy to have the opportunity to secure the future of Brixton Brewery for our team, our families, our community and fans of our beers, who’ve been hugely supportive of our success.
“The industry has changed massively since we started, and we want nothing more than to continue to be a positive part of it.”

Brixton Brewery beers will in future be increasingly available across the UK.

Benjamin said it would continue to strengthen its approach to community and sustainability “and we will keep on investing in Brixton through our brewery, taproom and newly renovated experimental brewery. 

“We are committed to creating and sustaining good jobs in Brixton, and hiring a diverse range of people.”