Brixton Brewery joins youth violence fundraiser celebrating women’s day

Brixton Brewery beer bottles

Breweries collaborate on International Women’s Day brewing event for families affected by knife crime epidemic

Brixton Brewery has joined forces with Newham’s Earth Station brewery east London to put on an open brew day (Saturday 9 March) to celebrate International Women’s Day and raise funds to support charities that work to stop knife crime.

Both breweries are in boroughs with youth violence problems.

The Open Brew Day will be at Brixton Brewery‘s Dylan Road premises off Milkwood Road in Herne Hill on 9 March. Proceeds from the beer made on the day will go to Indigo Youth in Brixton, and Asta Community Hub and Fight for Peace in Newham.

Brixton Brewery

The day is open to any woman who would like to find out a bit more about what goes into their pint while supporting a great cause. It’s free, but register here.

The event will bring together mothers and women passionate about keeping young people safe to learn about brewing and create a limited edition special beer, to be released around 31 March for Mothering Sunday. A hoppy pale ale, it will be available in 30 litre kegs and 440 millilitre cans. Pre-order now by contacting

Jenn Merrick, founder of Earth Station, says she wants to raise awareness and money for local charities by doing what she does best: brewing beer. She came up with a plan to create one that would also benefit families and young people affected by knife crime.

As a community-based business with strong local ties, Brixton Brewery was immediately on board. Xochitl Benjamin, a co-founder the brewery and a Brixton-based mum of two young children says: “Jenn and I immediately connected on this – as women, and as mothers. At Brixton Brewery we are committed to our community, and are really excited to be able to support Jenn’s vision. It’ll be a fantastic day celebrating women while making a beer that will raise money for local charities in Brixton and Newham.”

There is a growing tradition of International Women’s Day open brews (the official IWD is today, Friday, 8 March) celebrating the role of women in the beer industry.

It’s not just the two breweries that have come together. Junction Studio, the award-winning designers of Brixton Brewery’s colourful labels is mentoring young artist Cory Samuels on the label graphics.

Industry suppliers Yakima Chief hops and Simpsons Malt have donated raw material, while Label Express, Saxon Packaging and Ball Packaging are providing labels, boxes and cans.

International Women’s Day Collaboration Brews was started by brewer Sophie de Ronde in 2013. It has has expanded into an international collaboration brew day for women brewers all over the world.The event is free for participants and embraces all women who brew, whether it be on a commercial basis or for their home brewing hobby. The aim of the day is for women who are passionate about beer to get together and brew. You can find out more here @earthstationhq @brixtonbrewery