Biking to Brighton for Brixton charity

man and woman with bicycles
Aurelie and Marco – 421 Adventure

Campaigning cyclists Aurelie and Marco plan to pedal through 30 countries on their way from Finland to Singapore.

This weekend they will be going from London to Brighton to raise funds for Brixton-based charity Wheels For Wellbeing, joined by local cyclists on a two-day Covid-aware charity ride starting from Herne Hill at 8am on Saturday 29 August.

The two are 36 years old, married, and passionate about cycling. She is French and he is half English and half Italian.

Their chosen path – 421Adventure – is taking them from Helsinki to Singapore.

They started in April 2018 to and their route will take them through 30 countries. Check their itinerary.

You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube; @421adventure

As well as Wheels For Wellbeing, which helps disabled people to discover the benefits of cycling through the use of adapted bicycles, they are backing 88bikes, which supplies bicycles to girls who have been victims of human trafficking in underdeveloped countries.

Bicycles adapted by Wheels For Wellbeing allow their users to become more independent and improve their mental and physical health.

Founder Isabelle Clement is a wheelchair user and works closely with authorities on a national scale to improve the accessibility of inclusive cycling.

Her work is a source of inspiration for many cities around the world.

girl with bicycle

Thanks to 88bikes machines, girls can more easily access education or find a job. The organisation has donated thousands of bikes in the past eight years, empowering girls and young women to become future doctors, teachers, and professionals.

You can help Aurelie and Marco reach their target of €10.000 target by donating here.

All proceeds will go to the two causes they support.