Have you seen this bike?

Bike with stunning paint job
Oli McDonough’s missing bike

It’s not a bike you would miss, and South London NHS workers are keen to get it back to its owner, Oli McDonough.

He has been fixing health workers’ bikes for free. But his own unique wheels, which had only been with him for a few hours, were stolen at the end of May from the roof of his car in Herne Hill.

Bike fanatic Oli, who once worked in a bike shop, has been furloughed from his job. When it became clear that lockdown would lead to a surge in two-wheel travel, he contacted his friend Emma Clewer, a nurse specialist with the Guys’ and St Thomas’ Hospital Trust, suggesting that he could service her colleagues’ bikes.

The idea caught on and Oli and fellow cycling enthusiasts Tamas Polocz and Harriet Talbot set up a not-for-profit organisation to take care of NHS workers’ bikes.

His own bike was stolen as he collected spares to take to a workshop for St Thomas’ staff.

Emma Clewer and Oli McDonough
Emma Clewer and Oli McDonough

Emma Clewer said that, on his first day, Oli – bringing his own PPE – serviced 15 bikes in one day: “For free, all in his own time. It was amazing”.

Emma, who works in the community, said “this was one of the best things that had happened to our NHS staff members. Oli’s been doing community sites across South London.”

Oli says his bike is a prototype so may not be easy to sell. And, with its amazing pastel colour scheme, “it looks like an episode of Miami Vice”.

If you have seen the bike, or can help, contact hello@isenworkshop.com