Brixton BMX Club is back on the track

Mike Woof reports on resumption of training – and increased interest – at the Brockwell Park based Brixton BMX Club

BMX riders at top of ramp
Expert riders at Brixton BMX Club on the start hill for the restarting of training sessions

Brixton BMX Club resumed training sessions at its Brockwell Park track on Saturday and Sunday mornings last weekend (27 & 28 June).

Following easing of the lockdown measures, British Cycling issued new guidelines allowing limited cycle training sessions to recommence.

Demand was strong with sessions full and two groups being run simultaneously.

The track has been very popular for free riding since it was reopened earlier in the month, with BMX riders from other London clubs dropping in for some track time.

Many others not previously familiar with BMX as a sport have taken the opportunity to ride the track. This was highly apparent with many new riders attending the club training sessions.

Upturned BMX bikes
After an intensive session at the track, the club’s expert riders were glad to park up their bikes and take a well-earned rest

The guidelines say that no more than five riders are able to be on the track at one time, plus one coach. With two coaches available, this allows 10 riders to be coached, with one group practising skills and doing fitness training on the football field while the other group is at the track. 

Anyone wanting to attend must book in advance, using the email address. Payment can be direct to the bank or using a card reader on the day.

There are four sessions: from 9-10am for expert riders, with sessions also from 10-11am, 11-12miday and the last 12-1pm aimed particularly at novices.

The club can lend out bikes. These are handed out by club representatives wearing gloves and wiped down with anti-viral wipes after sessions to minimise the risk of possible virus transmission.

Riders will have to bring their own gloves, pads and full-face helmets however. These can be purchased online or from local bicycle shops.

Brixton BMX Club