Fostering fortnight – become a hero


Photo of Laura for fostering campaignDuring Fostering Fortnight (which runs till 31 May) the council are appealing to the community for new people to come forwards and apply to become foster carers. To find out more, register for the online fostering information evening on Thursday 21 May at 7pm.

Fostering during lockdown comes with unique challenges, but despite this, Lambeth heroes such as Laura (above), are welcoming vulnerable children into their homes.

Laura, a Senior Social Worker by profession, became a foster carer around ten years ago to provide warmth and security for young boys aged over 11 years. She took a break from caring to focus on her career and family, but the recent coronavirus crisis triggered her desire to start this up again.

“I’ve been thinking about fostering again for some time. I was recently on duty and received a call from the hospital late at night. A 14 year old boy was at home alone, both his parents were in hospital due to covid and he was recovering himself. Fortunately eventually we found somewhere for him to stay with friends and family. Talking to him through the window of his house – because I wasn’t allowed to go in – and seeing how alone and scared he was, affected me. Witnessing the real-life impact this situation is having on families, reinvigorated my motivation to help.”

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Lambeth’s appeal for help

Our Fostering Team are urgently appealing to local people with a spare room and the capacity to care for a vulnerable child to consider stepping forwards during this crisis.

Cllr Edward Davie, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “We know we have a strong caring community in Lambeth and there are others, just like Alex, who want to make a positive contribution to children in need. If you’ve ever considered fostering, Lambeth needs people like you. Now, more than ever, as increasingly children and their families become affected by coronavirus.”

Merlin Joseph, Lambeth’s Strategic Director of Children Services, said: “Fostering is a varied and demanding role but our dedicated social work team are here to support you every step of the way.

“With Foster Carer Fortnight starting on 11 May we’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all our remarkable carers for their contribution to our community, particularly during this unprecedented time. Each and every one of them has opened up their home and taken on a 24-7 role to better people’s lives – you really are local heroes.”

This Is Fostering campaign postcard

Who can foster?

To become a Lambeth foster carer, there are only a few basic criteria you must meet. You must:

  • be over 21 years old
  • have a spare bedroom
  • be a full-time resident in the UK or have indefinite leave to remain
  • have good spoken and written English

You don’t have to own your own home and we welcome couples or individuals from every walk of life.

Find out more about becoming a foster carer

To find out more or arrange a call back from a member of the team, visit You can also find out here about any upcoming events and watch recordings of past live Q&A sessions.

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