Brixton exhibition space goes online

Andy Holden graphicBrixton exhibition space Block 336 cancelled Andy Holden’s The Structure of Feeling, which was scheduled to open at in March, along with the rest of the gallery’s scheduled programming.

As part of its effort to find new ways of working, Block 336 is presenting an online programme, starting with a published interview and a live Zoom studio visit with Holden on Friday 29 May at 1pm.

His work spans sculpture, large installations, painting, pop music, performance, and multi-screen videos.

Previous works have included collaborations with his father, ornithologist Peter Holden, examining our relationship with the natural world (Natural Selection, Artangel, 2017); a large knitted replica of a chunk of pyramid and a video of returning this piece of rock to the pyramid from which it was taken (Pyramid Piece, Tate, 2010); a seven-screen video installation recreating his teenage manifesto which called for ‘Maximum Irony! Maximum Sincerity’ (Towards a Unified Theory of M!MS, Spike Island 2013); and a library of books and sculptures dedicated to the notion of ‘Thingly Time’ (Kettles Yard 2011).

Holden performs regularly and releases records with his band The Grubby Mitts and runs a project space, Ex-Baldessarre, in Bedford. His work is included in the collections of Tate and Arts Council England.

To attend the event, contact