A tour of Brixton through sketches

During lockdown we are all missing a leisurely wander through the streets of Brixton, brother and sister design duo Jess and Tom Jones-Berney have cast their creative eyes over some local landmarks.

Jess visits the pairs favourite parts of London to take photographs, Tom then uses these to create detailed digital sketches, resulting in a unique digitally hand drawn print.

“We mainly create London art because it’s an unendingly interesting city, where inspiration is infinite. The contrast of modern world up against the city’s big historical stalwarts creates incredible panoramas. We like to think our art is a bit of fun for the eyes” explain the duo.

To see more of the pair’s work you can visit their website Tomartacus.

Brixton’s creative responses to lockdown call out

In recent weeks, coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected many lives across our community. Whilst many of us have been lucky enough to be able to work from home during these times, many more have been left in economic uncertainty after shops, restaurants, music venues and creative spaces closed their doors to prevent the spread of the virus.

During these rapidly changing times, when many of us are practising social distancing, we think it’s important to document our hopes, fears and feelings, to remain active and connected as a community.

We’d like to use our platform to reach out to the creatives in Brixton – the poetry whizzes, painting pros, musical prodigies and home head-chefs – to help us generate a creative response to COVID-19.

If you’ve been working on a creative venture during your extra time at home, then we want to hear about it. If you’ve been painting, sketching, writing, cooking, baking, or playing the bongo drums – shoot us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you!