A stitch online …

embroidery equipmentBrixton-based sustainable womenswear brand Lowie is hosting a free weekly online crafting workshop – the Patch Up

More than 30 people attended the first on 25 March when they learned how to repair clothes by darning.

Every Wednesday since, an average of 40 people from London and the UK, as well as Canada and the USA have taken part.

The idea for the Patch Up came from Lowie creative coordinator and designer Natalie Rowland and was readily embraced by owner Bronwyn Lowenthal and the rest of the team.

“As people find themselves at home looking for something to do, the Patch Up offers a weekly chance to meet new people and learn a new skill,” said Lowenthal.

“It is an opportunity to embrace traditional handicraft techniques as well as the mindfulness and satisfaction that comes from making something with your hands.”

“As we’re no longer able to offer our Lowie Free Repairs for Life in-store as we usually would, this is a way to teach people how to repair their clothing at home.”

Rowland and colleague Poppy Branch-Tarry guide attendees through an hour-long workshop, teaching the basics of each technique.

The Patch Up has covered floral and folk embroidery, darning, sashiko mending, and reverse appliqué.

The Patch Up is hosted every Wednesday at 5:30 pm via a Zoom video chat. Register on the Lowie website.

The Patch Up is also broadcast via Instagram Live, and step-by-step instructions on PDF are available for download on Lowie’s website.