Small Plates: Brixton’s foodie news round-up

Local heroes
Café’s don’t get more ethical than the new Brixton£ Surplus canteen. A social eating space for vegan and vegetarian pay-what-you-can surplus food dining, grocery market and free events. Or why not volunteer to help address income inequality, tackle food waste and engage socially-isolated locals?
Platform Café, LJ community Farm, 2 Ridgeway Road, SW9 7AH

Pizza in the park
Boutique South London sourdough pizza micro-chain 400 Rabbits have taken over the café at Brockwell Lido. They are installing a big pizza oven as we speak so expect interestingly offbeat pizza alongside the brunch and brekkie menus.

Hop on
Beast of Brixton supper club with Sri Lankan street food experts Hop & Roll on 11 March. If you are yet to discover hoppers, Sri Lankan pancakes filled with spicy sambals and curries, alongside mutton, egg and fish rolls, this is a five-course supper co-hosted with Hop & Roll’s Rosheana, with Ceylon Arrack pina coladas to get things going.

Kamusta Budgie. Filipino BBQ and lechon specialist Ferdinand “Budgie” Montoya opens Brixton’s first Filipino restaurant Sarap in Brixton Village. Montaya’s signature cebu lechon – slow roasted pork belly with lemongrass, ginger, garlic, chilli, coconut vinegar and soy, alongside ceviche fish and lots of marinated treats on skewers.

Au revoir Smoke & Salt
Remi & Aaron are closing their wonderful POP Brixton sea container for a trip down to a “grown-up” new home in Tooting. 29 February is your last POP service for arguably the most interesting and innovative dining in Brixton. Bon Voyage guys, you’re only a bus ride away.