Resident protest sees giant Brixton fan switched off

The Pulross Road ventilation shaft
The Pulross Road ventilation shaft

Transport for London (TfL) has switched off the large fan in a Victoria Line ventilation shaft that has been disturbing the peace of Brixton residents in Pulross Road and nearby and have said that it will work on it to minimise noise.

Esther Sharples, TfL’s head of stations, buildings and civils for London Underground, said: “We’re sorry that residents at Pulross Road were affected by noise coming from one of our ventilation shafts.

“Our engineers inspected the fan in the shaft today (Thursday 19 December) and, as the noise levels were above what we would accept, turned it off.

“We will carry out a full investigation and carry out any work necessary to keep noise to a minimum and achieve our aim of being good neighbours.”

Glendall Street resident Nigel Duckers said the shaft contains a giant fan that usually runs continuously.

”It’s a constant roaring sound – a bit like a plane taking off – and equivalent to someone vacuuming a few metres away. It stops me sleeping at night and it is very wearing during the day,” he said.

Residents have formed an action group and produced a report [PDF download] on the problem which they sent to TfL.

They also called on Lambeth council to act and the council had appointed an investigating officer to look at the issue.

Another nearby resident, architect Tony White, said: “I am used to planning authorities requiring that mechanical plant should emit no more than 10 dB below background.

“Here at home we are subject almost 24/7 to an increase in background of around 25 dB – that’s over five times as loud as the shaft used to be before it was upgraded in 2010.”


  1. I was wondering where that noise came from. During the summer I sometimes found it so intrusive at my flat in Brixton Hill I had to close the windows at night.

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