Brixton Media

Brixton Media, publisher of the Brixton Bugle and Brixton Blog, is looking for a new part-time business person.

The job is crucial to our future and our determination that Brixton should have the media it deserves.

They key aspect of the role is selling the advert­ising space that pays for the printing of the Bugle and other essential expenses of it and the Brixton Blog. But there are many other areas of our work which need a business brain.

While most people work for the Bugle and Blog as volunteers, this is a paid role – part basic pay and part commission on advert­ising sales.

We would want to discuss how the role would work with anyone, or any group, who would be interested in having a crucial role in taking Brixton Media into its next decade (the first Brixton Blog post was in January 2010).

To discuss the role, find out more and let us have your ideas about it, please email work@brixtonblog.com with your contact details.