Climate genocide complaint lodged at Brixton police station

Climate genocide protesters outside Brixton police station
(from left to right) Hannah Lyons-Tsai, Charmian Kenner, Emmy Kenner (in pushchair) and Oliver Rock.

Members of Climate Genocide Act Now went to police stations across the country, including Brixton police station, this morning Wednesday 20 November. The group were asking the police to charge three Prime Ministers, Boris Johnson, Theresa May and David Cameron with climate genocide.

The police were given a 17-page document detailing policy decisions by the three successive Prime Ministers which the group say have exacerbated the climate emergency instead of tackling it, leading to famine, conflict and deadly weather events throughout the world.

Memo left at the police station
Memo left at the police station

Charmian Kenner, who took part in the action at Brixton Police Station with her one-year-old granddaughter, said “These three politicians have used their powers to subsidise fossil fuel companies and cancel support for renewable energy, knowing that by increasing carbon emissions they were condemning vulnerable people to death in other parts of the world. They are also risking the lives of future generations here in the UK.”

Hannah Lyons-Tsai, another participant, said “The impacts of the climate crisis are devastating. A team of lawyers has prepared this substantial and significant charge and we are determined it should be taken forward.”

Officers at Brixton Police Station said they could not accept the document because there was no box to tick for ‘genocide’ on the form at the counter. They advised the group to report the crime online. However, the document was accepted at three other police stations in different parts of the country.

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The action was planned for 20 November to mark the anniversary of the start of the Nuremberg Trials.