Power for the people – renewable and solar

volunteers with solar panels

Lambeth Community Solar (LCS), a new community benefit society set up to create solar energy projects in schools and community buildings, is a leader in the fight against climate change. By Éva Goudouneix

By creating renewable electricity, LCS will lower the carbon footprint of the borough at the same time as improving the financial resilience of its schools and community. As we move towards a smarter, cleaner and decentralised energy system, we believe community projects like ours will be vital to ensure that the system becomes more equitable, inclusive and affordable.

Solar electricity we generate will be used mainly to power schools, with the rest sold to the national grid. The profit earned from the sale of electricity will be shared between investors and the local community via a community fund.

The community will benefit from reduced bills for schools, solar work experience and educational activities and workshops related to energy literacy – paid for by the community fund.

LCS is supported by Repowering London, and the model is based on successful projects it has delivered in Brixton, Homerton, Vauxhall and North Kensington.

The first solar project is with Elmgreen school in West Norwood for a total 100 kW of solar panels on the school’s roofs.

Elmgreen school

In September LCS will launch the community share offer to raise funds for the installation costs. This ethical investment will offer an average annual 3% return on investors’ money, while paying back the original investment across the life of the project.

You can pledge support for the project by visiting www.repowering.org.uk/lcs

LCS also needs enthusiastic volunteers to join the team and bring this project to life. There is much more to be done to make Lambeth a greener borough, and we need your help to install more panels on new schools and buildings.

Register your interest at www.repowering.org.uk/lcs

To join us, contact Dave or Eva on 020 3674 7519 or  email info@repowering.org.uk.