Help Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses fundraise

inside of Brockwell Park Community GreenhouseBrockwell Park Community Greenhouses are appealing for support to renovate and extend the main greenhouse to create a new community space for learning, growth and play, The Barn.

You can show your support on the Community Greenhouses Just Giving page.

Phase 1 of the project will renovate the existing greenhouse.

Director Kate Sebag said: “We are delighted to have collected over 2000 votes in favour of our greenhouse renovation and new community learning space, ‘The Barn’. Thank you so much to everyone who voted.

“Now we are asking our friends to help by donating to Phase 1 of the project: renovating our leaky upper greenhouse and creating a new children’s garden alongside. You can find out more here.

“This is the first time we have ever asked you for a donation but we hope you’ll agree that the greenhouses is a special place for everyone. Please help us to preserve and extend that for the future. Thank you so much if you have already donated.”

Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses need your support.

– £5 will buy sealing strip for one big pane of glass.
– £10 will replace 5 bricks in our crumbling south wall.
– £25 will provide 1 metre of new level flooring.

Donations will reseal all the glass – replacing the polycarbonate with new glass – and improve the flooring. Funding will also re-engineer the ventilation and irrigation systems; improve the electrics; and, repair the crumbling south wall and turn the old cold frame into a raised bed for local children to garden in. The work will complete by 2020.

The second stage of the Raise the Barn Project is to build the extension. This will create a dedicated community learning space with a well-designed classroom for visiting local schools and a fully equipped kitchen for cooking classes, using fruit and vegetables fresh from the Greenhouses gardens.