Fanfare announcement for Brixton summer art show winners

Award winners Martin Grover (left) and Janet Baker (centre) with Leslie Manesseh Blog and Bugle arts editor and Tim Gledstone and Omar Lado from Squire and Partners

The Brixton Blog and Bugle Art Show winners were announced in Brixton Library last night (6 August) to an enthusiastic audience of artists and friends.

Voting closed on Sunday night after a week during which 300 visitors voted for their favourites in two categories – professional and self taught.

Martin announces the winners
Waiting For A Train (Brixton Skyline) MARTIN GROVER (professional)
Waiting For A Train (Brixton Skyline) MARTIN GROVER (professional)

Martin Grover was the people’s choice for his painting of Brixton Station in the professional category.

Janet Baker was voted no 1 in the self taught category for her atmospheric black and white shot of a bridge in the woods.

What Lies Beyond JANET BAKER (self taught)
What Lies Beyond JANET BAKER (self taught)

The winners were presented with the Brixton equivalent of the Baftas – the Brixton Bugle award. The trophies were made in architect Squire and Partners model workshop in the Department Store.

Omar Lado from the model workshop described the process. “It was a team effort and great fun. We played around with different forms. The horn, the pinth and the mouthpiece were 3D printed. Copper tubing was bent into the B shape and applied with metal paint. The plinth and stand are made from reclaimed mahogany from an old Department Store staircase. A little bit of Brixton history in there.”

The Blog and Bugle arts editor Leslie Manesseh thanked the artists. This was the first summer show and I wasn’t sure of the response, but I needn’t have worried. There is a wealth of talent and creative energy out there.

“Over 300 people visited and took part in the voting. There are no losers. Every single piece was someone’s favourite.

“A huge thanks is due to the Library for the fantastic space and to Caroline Graham and Rosselli Black and all the Library team who helped make the show such a success.

“Thanks also to Squire who entered into the spirit of the show with huge enthusiasm. The team created an award that is clever and unique and in keeping with the ethos of the summer art show.

The model workshop team at Squire and Partners who made the award
Model Team: Josh Horobin, Tom Piddock, Tim Gledstone and Omar Lado

Tim Gledstone a partner at the architects Squire and Partners who designed and created the awards said the exhibition was a spectacular display of Brixton talent.  “The team set itself a challenge: how could the Brixton Bugle better the Baftas?” He said the idea was that the Bugle award “is not just an ornament, it has a purpose. It is hand crafted and digital.”

The last word goes to the winners.

Janet Baker, winner in the self-taught category and a painter and decorator by profession said: “I’m really excited to be the first winner in this category.” She said she hoped the show would encourage lots more people entering next year.

Martin Grover, winner in the professional category said: “It’s been a fantastic exhibition and I’m proud to be the recipient of an award that is Brixton’s answer to the Baftas.”

You can see all the entries here.

Art show entries are in the gallery below. Voting is only by ballot at the exhibition in Brixton library


  1. Well done Martin Grover and Janet Baker from Urban Art and Lambeth Open. We have a wonderful creative community here in Brixton and well worth celebrating.

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