Brixton Immortals welcome US domino team

The UK team
The UK team

Brixton was the first port of call for a United States domino team on their recent visit to Britain to play an international series with Britain.

The Brixton Immortals domino team, based at their club on Coldharbour Lane, are current UK champions after an unbeaten run last year.

They hosted a welcome ceremony and warm-up games.

dominoes players
UK players celebrate a win

The series was organised by Jermaine Wright, a member of the Immortals, who also supplied several members for the UK team, which was captained by Clapham Eagles’ Marva Grossett.

It had elements of a grudge match. Against their expectations, the US team lost to the UK during a five-way international tournament last year and they were looking for revenge.

dominoes players
Time for a USA celebration

Unfortunately, that was what they got in a four-match series with two played in Crystal Palace and others in Peckham and Wolverhampton.

audience for dominoes players

The UK team, sponsored by the Jamaica-based Victoria Mutual Building Society, got off to a good start but were overhauled.

This will not be the last match between the two sides as more internationals are planned.

dominoes players
More UK celebrations

Brixton’s Immortals, though, remain unbeaten in the Anglo-Caribbean Domino League.

Any players who would like to try their luck against an Immortal will have the chance on Windrush Day, 22 June. When they will be playing outside the Black Cultural Archives on Windrush Square.

dominoes players
Play in progress

The club is also planning to raise the UK profile of a game that has been a way of life in the Caribbean.

Playing is certainly good for the brain, concentration and maths skills. And, if darts, for instance, is a recognised and televised sport, why not dominos? ask members.

Matches were sponsored by Victoria Mutual Building Society