Support Brixton Advice Centre staff’s sponsored walk


Fred Taggart Honorary Secretary Brixton Advice Centre calls for community solidarity

Brixton Advice Centre staff in their fundraising tee shirts

Staff and trustees from Brixton Advice Centre are taking part in the 2019 Legal Walk to raise much needed funds for the centre. You can support them here.

For 50 years the Brixton Advice Centre on Railton Road has helped, advised and acted for local people with legal or administrative problems who would otherwise be unable to afford legal services.  It averages getting on for 5,000 cases each year, mostly housing, debt or employment issues.

It is a vital part of life in Herne Hill, Loughborough Junction, Tulse Hill and Brixton. Unless you have used its services you probably don’t know it exists.

Austerity has savaged the Centre’s budget, so to generate income, trustees and staff will be taking part in the 2019 Legal Walk on 17 June when the Lord Chief Justice and thousands of lawyers raise funds for good causes.

I am asking you to invest in the community in which you live by sponsoring our walkers.  Follow the link to the page.

So, support your community Advice Centre.  Give us a fiver (or more if you can).

By making life better for some the Centre makes the community better for everyone.

“There is no such thing as society” -Margaret Thatcher

“Oh yes there is!” -the people of Lambeth

Fred Taggart

Honorary Secretary, Brixton Advice Centre

(and Herne Hill resident for 39 years)