Brixton collective release book and album on the strain of modern living

Mickey in a video by Chiara Ambrosio
Mickey in a video by Chiara Ambrosio

The Brixton DIY art music collective, Bones and the Aft, has a new book and album out.

The official launch of Mickey will be on 7 June at Tate Britain, during Late at the Tate, a free event organised on the first Friday of each month by 18–25-year-olds for people of all ages.

Mickey is a book and CD of thematically linked songs relating to the life and times of the mythical One Shoe Mickey, a former refugee now living in London.

Mickey sets out every day from his cardboard home in search of the One True Glove, reputed to be lost somewhere in the ancient and mythical city of London. Ten songs tell of his daily trudges, searching for his lost family.

“Mickey gets things all mixed up,
the front is back, the taking’s giving.
His brain can’t take the stress,
can’t take the strain of modern living …”

Bones and the Aft are the performance wing of Liver & Lights publishing that was begun in 1984 by poet John Bently and currently features Ian Mckean on guitars and keyboards; Admiral Lord Biscuit on drums; singer Bird Radio; and Arthur Bently on alto sax.

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