Brixton’s Windrush Square Veg Invasion

Poster for Veg Invasion family fun day 6 April Windrush Square

Brixton is braced for a vegetable invasion of Windrush Square and the market on 6 April. A family fun day running from 11am to 4pm will encourage kids to “Eat Them To Defeat Them”.

Poster for Veg Power campaign - Eat them to defeat themIt’s part of the ITV-backed Veg Power campaign that uses a new approach to promote vegetables.

Incredible Edible Lambeth is working alongside Veg Power to encourage children to eat more veg. VegPower’s lively website has games and top tips for schools, families and communities.

We have lots of vegetable recipes on our website and would love to add your recipes. If you can make a healthy meal for four for under £5, send us the recipe and a photograph.

Incredible Edible LEAP – a partnership between IEL and Lambeth Early Action Partnership – has been working since last September with surplus food distributors City Harvest to give young families in four wards in Lambeth a free bag of fruit and vegetables each week and demonstrating how to eat cheaply and healthily.

Supply varies from week to week. One week, the only vegetable that arrived was mooli. The team had to quickly look up mooli recipes to include in the bags and conversations created a buzz.

As the programme went on, people appreciated the vegetables more and more. One person estimated that after six weeks she was saving £10 a week.

We also encourage people to grow food wherever they can – on a windowsill or balcony, or with neighbours in a community space. If you have a space where you would like to grow food, email us at and we can put you in touch with members who might be your neighbours.

Let’s make 2019 The Year of the Vegetable!