Bite-sized food waste workshops

Groundwork event
Groundwork event

The Brixton Pound Café will be one of the venues for free “bite-sized” workshops on food waste for Lambeth residents organised by the charity Groundwork.

It says the interactive sessions are for people who love food and are concerned about the environment.

Groundwork says that research shows London households throw away a total of 910,000 tonnes of food each year, over half of which could have been eaten.

“If we change the way we shop, prepare, store, eat and dispose of food we could be saving some serious money, up to £70 a month for some families,” it says.

Workshop participants will learn about the Small Change Big Difference campaign, pick up money-saving, food waste reducing tips and discover how they can involve friends, co-workers and family.

Simple tips like freezing bread, buying the occasional pack of frozen vegetables instead of fresh, or stretching a pack of beef mince across two meals instead of one can add up to save money as well as reduce food waste.

Groundwork says that, collectively, these small changes could make a big difference to our planet, which is why Small Change Big Difference is looking for participants to help spread the message.

The campaign, which has seen businesses, schools, households and community groups in nine boroughs across London hosting events, “food waste dinners” and a wide variety of food-related fun to help Londoners eat better, waste less and recycle what cannot be eaten.

Local people may have already come across the campaign via a free Lambeth food waste guide with recipes, top tips and a map of local organisations that residents can support.

The Small Change Big Difference workshops in Lambeth will be at:


Loughborough Farm Café

Wednesday 15 August, 10.30am – 12pm

Includes a free vegetarian lunch prepared by South London based community enterprise The Local Squeeze.

Bandstand Beds on Clapham Common

Saturday 8 September

11am – 12.30pm

Brixton Pound Café

Wednesday 12 September

6.30pm – 8pm

After the session there will be a free vegetarian buffet plus a talk on how the café uses surplus food.


Find out more and get a free ticket to attend any of the workshops