Let’s Dance in the holidays at Pop Brixton

Let's Dance session in Pop Brixton's Pop Box
Let’s Dance session in Pop Brixton’s Pop Box

Regular Let’s Dance sessions at Pop Brixton are continuing in the holidays. The next is on 13 August from 1.45 to 3pm.

The 75-minute sessions in Pop Box are accessible to all, including wheelchair users, and take place every second Monday of the month.

Anyone can join the fun and friendly dancing to the Box’s great sound system.

Let’s Dance was launched in May by Disability Advice Service Lambeth (DASL) and People First Lambeth, working with Pop Brixton.

The way it works is simple, says DASL: “Banging dance mixes for a mixed crowd of mixed abilities, to be free and dance for free. Leave your ego at the door and get on the dance floor! It’s a great exercise and mood enhancer event. We hope that people will feel free enough to enjoy themselves without the need for alcohol.

“We want disabled people to feel welcome in Brixton and we are aiming for a space that creates an all-inclusive event and helps break down those barriers that keep people apart.

“Pop Brixton is a great central location. We want people to mix and have a great time, in the afternoon. It’s all free to be free.”

There is no need to book for this event, just turn up. For more information:

Louise at DASL 020 7501 8976, lholden@disabilitylambeth.org.uk or People First Lambeth

DASL is a deaf and disabled people’s organisation offering information, support and advice to promote independent living in Lambeth.

It is part of the Lambeth Independent Living and Carers Partnership, a consortium of Age UK Lambeth, DASL, Royal Association for Deaf People and Help for Carers. It provides services to disabled adults, carers of any age and people over 55.

People First Lambeth is a self-advocacy organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties.

Among the people invited to the first Let’s Dance sessions were students from colleges in the area. Local special needs colleges are now closed for summer and the young people from them that usually come to Let’s Dance are not able to because they do not have paid carers during the holidays.