New work space for Tulse Hill

Frontage of new workspace on Tulse Hill

Tulse Hill estate has got a makeover with its former council housing office transformed into GLOWS (Greenleaf Open Work Space), an affordable co-working space where local people can develop and expand entrepreneurial ideas and existing businesses. GLOWS opens its doors to the public with an open day on Friday 22 June from 12.30 to 6pm.

The new space at 1a Greenleaf Close has transformed the neighbourhood with its colourful designs. The interior space has been kitted out with huge purpose-built tables (below right) for making, storage areas and office desk space to rent at affordable community rates.

Tulse Hill makers pacerManager Claudette Douglas says: “We are a very new enterprise who have absolute faith that Tulse Hill can offer something positive to the whole of Lambeth and we can be transformative space where individuals turn hopes, wishes and dreams into tangible reality that has a positive and cohesive impact on the local community and economy.”

GLOWS is a joint project started by Tulse Hill Estate Tenants & Residents Association and the Tulse Hill Forum, and is now managed by Tree Shepherd.

Its aim is to help improve the lives and potential of people living and working in and around the estate and the broader com­munity of Tulse Hill.

GLOWS has space for makers, tailors, curtain-makers, jewellers, artists, video-makers, entrepreneurs, crafters and small start-ups. Open Thursdays and Fridays 10am to 6.00pm.

To book studio space contact: 07715 565268