Texan DJ socialite’s company says it has bought Brixton Market

Brixton market Hondo Enterprises, which yesterday (23 March) said it had purchased Brixton Market, says that, under its stewardship, the market’s “unique character will be secured for the long term”.

Hondo Enterprises‘ sole director is London-based Texan socialite Taylor McWilliams who is part of the four-person DJ collective Housekeeping and who has been targeted by the political campaign Class War over a development in Aldgate near the City of London and the use of “poor doors”.


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Taylor McWilliams at the opening of the Relay Building in Aldgate in 2015

The announcement of the purchase came from the PR company Lowick, which specialises in “reputation and political risk”.

Hondo describes itself as a property investment, development and asset management company specialising in “opportunistic and value-add transactions” in central London.

Its announcement says that the market has been bought by Hondo “and its investors”. Hondo Enterprises last filed accounts – for 2016 – in September last year. It recorded itself as a “micro entity” with assets of less than £50,000.

It was reported earlier this year that the market had been bought by a consortium led by Irish-born property trader Aidan Brooks. Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct, which is opening a “luxury” Flannels store on Pope’s Road, had also been interested in the market.

Hondo’s website lists its other properties as car parks, an “urban resort hotel and spa” and the Relay Building in Aldgate, a 22-storey-mixed-use development that has part of a London Underground carriage in the reception area. It is intended to be “a new hub for tech and creative occupiers”.

Announcing the purchase of Market Row and Brixton Village, Hondo said: “The Market is at the heart of Brixton’s community and under our stewardship its unique character will be secured for the long term.

“We look forward to beginning a conversation with traders, the local community, and Lambeth council in the coming weeks and months as we develop our plans to protect and enhance the market.”


  1. As you were. Now see that they are reported also to have bought the lease out from Groupe Geraud.

  2. we read in the evening standard that Tribeca Holdings were becoming the freeholders and also Goupe Geraud said the same until 23rd March where we received a letter from Hondo Enterprise. Where did Hondo Enterprise come from and is Tribeca completely out of this deal ? everything has changed and left us in limbo. the big question is does Hondo know anything about this field and markets and from the bio there is nothing in their history and no connection with the market industry ? that means traders are out of the business soon and we do not see a future with this company.

  3. I understand that it’s only the freehold that was put up for sale, by LAP. Surely it will still be subject to the 40-year lease they granted to Groupe Geraud? So there’s not much point in the new freeholders trying to liaise with market traders, because all of that stuff is still done through Groupe Geraud? LAP stopped having any day-to-day involvement in the market as soon as the deal with Geraud was done.

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