Brixton Design Trail 2017 hits the street

Entrance to Brixton Tube station

The first public showing of this year’s Brixton Design Trail hit the streets in the early hours of this morning (15 September) when Ellen Kirkhope laid her “welcome” carpet at the entrance to the Tube.

Her design was chosen from 28 social media entries.

Entrance to Brixton Tube station


Entrance to Brixton Tube station

The overground station will also play a part in the trail, which opens officially tomorrow, when the Brixton Station Passageway between Atlantic and Brixton Station Roads will be home to a group of local creatives with “Obsessive Interests” inspired by the Otaku shops that inhabit similar spaces in Japan.

Working in Network Rail’s cleaned-up and freshly painted space …

Brixton Station passageway

Lambeth College will showcase the work of level 2 art and design students

Blast Skates will run “design your own skateboard” workshops with illustrator and skateboarder Liisa Chisholm

Spektruh will create an interactive installation of particles

Textile designer Esme Fenton will showcase Elijah, a new collection of menswear designed to reflect and focus concern about young Black men’s mental health

Gucas Morgan presents a new menswear collection

Terry Ellis showcases his love for Japanese ceramics.

Traditional crafts will also have a home in the passageway.

Jodie Ruffle’s embroidery highlights the repetitive action in creating each piece.

Marie Maisonneuve explores her obsession with outmoded crockery and cutlery in Knitted sets for Two.

One intention of Obsessive Interests is to re-animate the space in advance of its re-population by traders next year.