Local entrepreneurs prepare to face dragons

Hatch Enterprise is a Brixton based incubator that helps local entrepreneurs to build a business out of the things they love, writes Emma Lange.

For three years Hatch has worked with more than 350 entrepreneurs in the community to help them start or grow their businesses.

Its latest “incubator” group will be presenting their final pitches on Thursday, 4 May at Brixton East.

The pitch event is open to anyone and would be a great way to learn about creative and community-based projects happening in south London.

The incubator programme is designed to help entrepreneurs gain the business skills and knowledge they need to scale their existing venture.

Over the past 12 weeks group members have been working hard to refine their businesses through workshops, one-to-one mentoring and coaching.

Their social enterprises cover social isolation, health and wellbeing, community connectivity and more.

Visitors to the Brixton East event can join the celebration of their achievements while engaging with community initiatives.

“Pitch day” is at the end of course and showcases how the entrepreneurs have developed and prepares them for pitching ideas to future investors and partners.

This round’s panel of “Dragons” includes an innovation consultant, a representative from Southwark regeneration programme and two founders of social enterprises.

They will rate the performance of the pitches, as well as asking questions and offering advice.

In the afternoon Hatch alumnus Sarah Weiler (founder of Power of Uke) will entertain with music and comedy.

Suggested visitor donation of £5 or more (£1 for children), and all proceeds go to the winner of the pitch contest. Walk-ins are welcome but space is limited. Register for free, or contact Hatch Enterprise here.