LETTER: Don’t buy dates from illegal settlements

Israeli brands of dates grown by illegal settlers in Palestine
Israeli brands of dates grown by illegal settlers in Palestine


Many Brixton stores sell dates for the holidays. The very best are Medjoul dates from the Jordan Valley.
Unfortunately those from Nour in Brixton Market, pictured in the December Brixton Bugle and Blog, are produced by illegal Israeli settlers on Palestinian land, watered by diverting water from nearby villages which now have to rely on expensive water tankers.
Israel is deceitfully selling these dates without naming a land of origin. Please don’t buy those with the trademarks in the image.
Lambeth & Wandsworth Palestine Solidarity Campaign asked Nour and Aziz stores in Brixton to discontinue selling them in early December,
Buy Palestinian dates, available in Brixton Foods in Electric Ave. Common brands are Yaffa, Zaytoun and The Taste of Palestine. All clearly state they are from Palestine.

Lambeth and Wandsworth Palestine Solidarity Campaign


  1. Let’s not forget the biggest bad boy of all – the USA. Guantanamo, water boarding, Muslim bans, black lives matter, abortion rights, drone strikes….the list goes on and on.

    So let’s boycott all American goods and of course services. No more IPhones, no more orange is the new black, no mini breaks in the big apple.

    The corrosive curdled antisemitism of the Left is nauseating

  2. What about the other produce from countries that flippantly igore human rights and have brutal, despotic governments?

    Are dates from Saudi Arabia OK?

    What about the Chinese produce in Wing Tai in Electric Lane?

    Should we not buy anything from the Turkish supermarket in Camberwell?

    Or is it just against Israel that we should boycott?

    And if so, then why? What is it specifically about Israel that merits singling only them out, I wonder?

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