Brixton Calling: The Mambo’s dead. Long live Mambista!

Delores William with Mambo founder Gerry LyseightIt’s 20 years since Brixton’s famous Mambo Inn closed its doors. Delores William takes a trip down memory with founder and DJ Gerry Lyseight.

The Mambo, based at the Loughborough Hotel closed after six years in 1996 – 20 years ago. The spirit  lives on at the Mambista nights hosted by Lyseight at the Portico, a bus ride away in West Norwood.

The Mambo was one of the things that made Brixton special. The mash up of Afro, Reggae and Latin beats played by host and DJ Gerry Lyseight guaranteed the dancefloor was packed. The cultural mix of the music was reflected in diversity of the regular crowd.