Laid Bare Presents returns to Brixton East this Thursday

Local musician Rami Radi has collected seven acts for another Laid Bare Presents at Brixton East this week, for what promises to be an enchanting evening of performances.

Laid Bare

Returning to the Laid Bare nights, Chisara Agor will be performing some new songs as she entertains with voice and ukelele.

Laid Bare Host and MC Rami Radi
Laid Bare Host and MC Rami Radi

Originally from South Wales, William Poyer will give us his homecoming gig after a 3-year hiatus in Mexico, bringing us his Americana influenced stylings.

King Compass add an indie rock flavour to the evening. With the London based 6 piece citing their influences as Radiohead, Modest Mouse and Bon Iver this will sure to be a memorable act.

We also see the welcome return of Our Man In The Field. A regular contributor at the Laid Bare nights, he launched his recent EP at the last Brixton East show back in June, and is back again with his soothing sounds.

London singer-songwriter Shaunagh Duncan returns to Laid Bare with her first Brixton East performance.

Singer-songwriter Chris Brambley will be charming the audience with his beautifully intricate guitar skills.

Then to finish with a flourish there will be a Laid Bare debut from London band CLUBBS. The four piece have been described as ‘PJ Harvey and Nick Cave’s lovechild…unsettling and excellent’ – quite a way to close the night!

Doors open at 7.00pm and it’s a cash-only bar. Find out more about the Laid Bare music nights on their website.