Brixton students show adverts need not cost the moon

SCA JL advertJohn Lewis’ Man On The Moon advert cost £7m and took seven months to create. The one created by students at Brixton’s School of Communication Arts, based in St Matthew’s Church, took seven hours and cost £700.

“All the props are hand-made, all the backdrops are hand-drawn, we made our own soundtrack and all the creatives were freshly developed in the immediate aftermath of watching the John Lewis ad launch,” says the school.

The SCA is supported by over 100 advertising agencies and has 36 students and a network of more than 800 industry mentors some of whom visit the school studio every day to help students with their live briefs.

The school says almost all of its students get about six months of placements in top agencies and some leave to go straight into jobs as art directors or copywriters without placements.

“There are no dissertation, no tests, no exams. Just everything to help get that first great job in a top advertising agency,” says the school.